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FFXIV lore I found confusing when starting! - Short keynotes on geography, history, measurements etc


Hello everyone! TIMESTAMPS BELOW!! So, I was doing research on some stuff for future videos, and I realized just how much you end up taking for granted as common knowledge about the game, or how confused I was (and still can become!) about details on how stuff works or when what happened or what the heck is a malm or a bell! So I sat down and recorded something on those basic things that might be useful or interesting to other people, too. THEN I went into “OMG what if I animated this real nicely! 8D”-stupid mode, and it ended up taking quite a bit longer than expected. ^^;; I hope somebody will find it interesting or illuminating, or at least enjoy it. :D TIMESTAMPS: 1:28 Geography 7:14 (Ancient) History 10:18 Physics (magics) 13:17 Religion 17:15 Math & Measurements 22:53 Language Thank you so much for swinging by my overdone TED talk. XD I hope that you will have a really lovely day! FFXIV is owned by Square Enix and all rights are reserved. Thank you to all of you wonderful people who helped me with getting the shots I needed for all of this. You know who you are and then just know on top of that that you are amazing! #FFXIV #FFXIVLore #FFXIVWorld #FFXIVLoreGuide

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