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IT'S GREAT BUT IMPOSSIBLE TO USE! || Black Box Analog Design HG2


Check the HG-2 here: 🤍 MERCHANDISE: 🤍 EXTRA CONTENT: 🤍 STUDIO: 🤍

Black Box HG-2 HARDWARE review and VS the PLUGIN- The MAGIC Box 🧙🧙🧙#blackbox #hg2 #saturation


#blackbox #hg2 #hardware #plugin #mixing #saturation #mastering Highly requested by YOU guys, here you go! The Black Box HG-2 review of the hardware and comparison with the plugin! Hardware: 🤍 Plugin : 🤍 Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 1:30 Overview 3:40 Master Bus processing 9:12 Low end enhancement with Saturation 11:12 High end enhancement and Air lift 13:30 Perceived Loudness enhancement and tube compression 16:10 Sub Bass Harmonics and saturation 17:50 Vocals Saturation and presence 20:15 Tube Goodness! 21:05 Electric guitar enhancement 21:40 Electric Bass saturation 22:06 Hardware VS Plugin comparison 22:55 Master buss hardware vs plugin 23:40 Drums Bus hardware vs plugin 24:16 Drums Saturation hardware vs plugin 25:20 Vocals hardware vs plugin 26:14 My opinion 28:00 Extreme Saturation settings hardware vs plugin 29:40 Aliasing (and should you really care?) DAW: 🤍 Awesome Studio Desk 🤍 4K 32'' Studio Monitor 🤍 Desk monitor Lamp: 🤍 🤍 New Cool Controller 🤍 TC Plugin/controllers 🤍 🤍 The box that enhances EVERYTHING: 🤍 Analyzer: 🤍 Mastering AD/DA Converter 🤍 Retro Computer Keyboard 🤍 My favourite Trackball Mouse 🤍 High-End Monitors 🤍 Acoustic Panels/ Bass Traps 🤍 Legacy Audio Interface 🤍 Current Audio Interface 🤍 Fantastic Recording Channel Strip 🤍 Digital Mastering Processor 🤍 Live Audio Interface/ ADAT Expansion 🤍 Groove and Groove Agent Controller 🤍 Proper midi keyboard 🤍 The Ultimate Synth 🤍 Favourite Polyphonic Analogue Synth 🤍 Best piano keybed synth 🤍 Favourite mono analogue synth 🤍 Synth/Guitar FX Pedal 🤍 Amp Sim 🤍 Drum Machine/Sampler 🤍 Experimental/Fun Synth 🤍 Fast and Furious FM Synth 🤍 My DAW Computer 🤍 Instagram ➡︎ instagram.com/dom_sigalas My latest single ➡︎ 🤍 My latest album ➡︎ 🤍 LINKS USED IN THE DESCRIPTION MAY OR MAY NOT BE AFFILIATE LINKS By using the affiliate links I earn a small fee of your purchase, it does not cost you anything extra to use them. They help me to be able to create more videos for you. Thank you for supporting the channel!

The Weber HG-2 - The $1,650 Hand Grinder


A review of the latest conical burr hand grinder from Weber Workshops, the HG-2. Here's the link to the HG-2: 🤍 Here are the limited edition spoons featured in the video: For the USA: 🤍 For the UK: 🤍 For the Rest of the World: 🤍 Links: Patreon: 🤍 Limited Edition Merch: 🤍 My Books: The World Atlas of Coffee: 🤍 The World Atlas of Coffee Audiobook: 🤍 The Best of Jimseven: 🤍 Find me here: Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Things I use and like: My video kit: 🤍 My current studio coffee kit: 🤍 My glasses: 🤍 My hair product of choice: 🤍

BlackBox HG2 - My Favorite Low End Technique


To Join Weiss Advice: 🤍 Use Coupon Code: WEISSLIVE 33% off for launch month of October 2021 This is one of my signature moves for mixing Low End. I use this technique to get that perfect 90s Hip Hop style kick and bass. Steal my moves, make it your own, and also if you use this plugin, all of the "MW" presets were made by me! Artist IG: 🤍GeddyMusic My IG: 🤍Weiss.Advice BlackBox HG-2 - 🤍plugin-alliance.com

HG2 Workflow and Lifestyle 1080p


The morning ritual of an HG2 owner. Video/Editing/Barista by Shin Suzuki

$4000 for HG2 hardware when the PLUGIN ALLIANCE Black Box HG-2MS is only £250 🧐🧐


PLUGIN ALLIANCE Black Box Analog Design HG-2MS (NEW PLUGIN 2021) | ACCESS ANALOG HARDWARE vs PLUGINS Join Paul Third's channel to get access to mixing wednesday perks: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 This week we have a new plugin alliance release in the form of the hg2 black box upgrade. I have always wanted to do a plugin comparison of the plugin alliance black box saturation plugin vs the access analog hg2 black box but thought it was best to wait for the plugin upgrade before doing a plugin review. This plugin is included in our MEGA Bundle and MIX & MASTER Bundle at no extra cost! FREE! With the purchase of the new Black Box HG-2MS, you get the classic Black Box HG-2 plugin on top and for free! Meet Your mix buss’ best friend Celebrated mix & mastering engineers like Dave Pensado, Bob Horn, and Heba Kadry rely on the sweet tubes and creamy-sounding transformers of the Black Box HG-2 to help their mixes sound louder, bigger, and punchier at the same peak level. Now, the HG-2 MS version offers mid-side processing, advanced filters, and more for even greater sonic refinement. This new plugin has also received Brainworx patented Tolerance Modeling Technology (TMT)*. “MS” in many ways The HG-2 MS is a Mid/Side version of the acclaimed HG-2. But it’s more than that. It also includes dedicated Mono mixing and Stereo buss versions, and now delivers More Saturation options and a wider variety of colors than ever before thanks to its new filter section. Select from highpass, lowpass, bandpass, and bandstop filters to tailor your saturation separately for each channel. Sweeten your audio in mono, stereo, or mid-side modes For the first time, process your audio with the rich, brilliant sound of the Black Box using mid-side processing for more sophisticated control over your sound. Saturate the sides, while keeping the center clean and punchy, or use more edgy odd-order saturation on the side and warmer even-order saturation on the center—or vice versa. Paint Your Tracks with a Whole Palette of Tube Colors HG-2 emulates four different vacuum tube stages combined in series and parallel circuits to color your mix and individual tracks with a wide range of rich and varied harmonics. Separate gain controls for emulated 6U8A pentode and triode tubes are placed in series between buttery virtual transformers warming the plugin’s input and output. Dial-in the perfect blend of pentode and triode tube sweetness ...then adjust the Density control to drive both tubes harder without changing their relative balance or the plugin’s output level, adding more girth and mass. The Calibration menu emulates the effect of an internal trim adjustment in the original hardware unit, instantly modifying the HG-2’s high-frequency response to produce Dark, Normal, or Bright coloration. Sprinkle, punch und tube softness An added Air knob lets you control how much high-frequency fairy dust you sprinkle on vocal tracks, string instruments, piano, and full mixes. Turning down the Mix control adds back dry signal at the plugin’s output, combining HG-2’s beautiful tube softness and luster with your mix’s perfectly preserved detail and punch. * Brainworx Tolerance Modeling Technology (TMT) is protected under the following patent: US Patent No. 10,725,727 FEATURES The MS version of the Black Box offers Mid-Side, Mono/Stereo, and More Saturation options Brainworx Audio's patented Tolerance Modeling Technology (TMT) Additional digital-only controls like Input Gain, Density, Calibration, Air, and Mix Separate gain controls for virtual 6U8A pentode and triode tubes Parallel Saturation circuit selects one of two modeled 12AX7 tubes—one voiced more aggressively than the other Redesigned Filter Section - 4 variable Filters and the Flat mode for the Saturation circuit Calibration menu to mimic internal trim adjustment Variable Density control to boost gain equally for virtual pentode and triode tubes Variable Air control to add silvery sparkle and sweetness above 10 kHz Added Mix control to adjust wet/dry balance Loaded with plenty of useful presets created by Josh Gudwin, Michael Brauer, Matt Weiss & Eric Racy

Testing LG HG2's 18650 20A 3000mAh from LiitoKala on Aliexpress. Real? Fake? Reject?


In this video I test 3 different samples of LG HG2 cells. 2 purchased from Aliexpress, and one purchased from my known trusted supplier of about a decade. I do a visual inspection, comparing printing and markings, weigh the cells, then do a voltage and internal resistance test to check for consistency and to see if they match datasheet specs. The 3 cells were purchased from LiitoKala Official Flagship Store. And other 2 cells were purchased from liitokala 0fficial Store (notice the use of 0 (zero) instead of "O").

Аккумулятор LiitoKala HG2 против LG HG2 Тесты и разоблачения 2020


Здравствуйте, уважаемые зрители моего канала! Представляю повторный сравнительный обзор аккумуляторов LiitoKala 18650HG2 и LG 18650HG2 3000mAh. Первый такой обзор был выпущен в ноябре 2018 года. Аккумуляторы LiitoKala 18650HG2 3000mAh приобрел на торговой площадке Алиэкспресс. Аккумуляторы LG 18650HG2 3000mAh предоставил интернет-магазин 🤍. В обзоре представлены результаты тестирования на анализаторах YR1035+, SKYRC MC3000 и RIGOL DL3031A. Были проведены тесты определения ёмкости аккумуляторов при токах разряда – от 0.6А до 20А. Выполнены тесты определения внутреннего сопротивления аккумуляторов (DC, AC 1kHz), В конце обзора изучены результаты, подведены итоги, представлена сводная таблица результатов испытаний аккумуляторов, представлены графики разрядных характеристик. Интересно узнать изменились ли характеристики аккумуляторов LiitoKala 18650HG2 3000mAh по сравнению с предыдущими партиями аккумуляторов 2018 года? Если Вам понравились товары, которые были представлены в этом видео, то купить можно здесь: 1) Аккумулятор LiitoKala 18650HG2 3000mAh 🤍 2) «умное» зарядное устройство – анализатор SKYRC MC3000 🤍 🤍 3) YR1035+ высококачественный тестер аккумуляторов 🤍 Обзоры: 1. Аккумулятор LiitoKala HG2 против LG HG2. Тесты и разоблачения 🤍 2. Аккумуляторы Liitokala. Какие они в конце 2019 года? 🤍 Плейлисты: 1) Тестирование аккумуляторов 🤍 2) Тестирование Li-ion аккумуляторов 🤍 3) Высокотоковые Li-ion аккумуляторы (для вейпа и электроинструмента) 🤍 4) Тестирование NiMH, NiZn аккумуляторов 🤍 Моя библиотека спецификаций аккумуляторов: 🤍 Желаю приятного просмотра и удачных покупок!

Liitokala HG2 18650 battery TEST ! 고방전 배터리 용량테스트 해봤어요 ! 만족스러운 결과가??


#liitokala #고방전배터리 #18650배터리 안녕하세요 오늘은 hg2라는 이름을 가진 고방전 배터리를 테스트 해보았습니다 방전기로 종지전압 2.8v 셋팅후에 방전을 해봤는데 조금은 아쉽지만 그래도 나름 만족할만한 테스트결과가 나왔네요 배터리 구하기 힘들어서 요즘 참 힘들긴 한데 그래도 이렇게 구매할수 있다는게 좋은것 같아요 대량 구매는 추천드리지 않으며 낱개로 드릴리필이나 청소기 배터리 리필시에는 아주 괜찮을것 같다는 생각이 되네요 저두 앞으로 고방전 낱셀은 이곳에서 살듯 하네요 🤍 배터리 구매처 자작꾼 멤버쉽 가입 🤍 비지니스문의 ckj5596🤍naver.com 자작꾼 사용장비 거치형 인두기 🤍 고급형인두기 🤍 파워서플라이 (30v10a)🤍 디지털 멀티테스터기 🤍 미니스폿기(0.2t) 🤍 고급형 스폿기 🤍 dc스폿기 (0.3t가능) 파워서플라이 회로 DPS5020 🤍 파워서플라이 공급장치 (500w) (dps5020용) 🤍

Quick Start Guide to the Black Box HG2


Explore the sound of tube tone in the HG2 - Blake walks you through the controls and provides some guidance on how the different tube sections and saturation work together.

LG HG2 INR 18650 3000mAh Battery: Capacity Test + How to spot fakes


Gearbest - 🤍 A quick look at the popular HG2 18650 cell from LG (LGDBHG21865) A popular battery and one which is popular for high drain devices and vaping. I test the capacity and some tips on how to spot fake cells visually. Details from the maker: Specification: Model: LGDBHG21865 New 18650 high drain rechargeable battery from LG Chem. HG2 20 A continuous - capacity 3000 mAh,Maximum discharge current: 30A Nominal Capacity: 3.0 Ah | 3000mAh Maximum Continuous Discharge Current: 20A | 20000mA Full Charge Voltage: 4.2V Nominal Voltage: 3.6V-3.7V Made by LG Operating Temperature (Cell Surface Temperature): Charging 0 ~ 5 0Deg C Discharging -20 ~ 75 Deg C   Charging: Recommended Charge Constant Current: 1.5A 1500mA LG HG2 can be charged with lower charging current | charging process will take longer. Maximum Charging Constant Current: 4A | 4000mA Max. Charging Constant Voltage: 4.2V End of charge current cutoff: 100mA   Size: 18650 Exact Dimensions: 65.20 mm, 18.50 mm (+/- 0.3 mm) Weight: 47g Positive terminal: Flat Top External Electronic Protection: No (unprotected)   Features High energy density High working voltage for single battery cells. Pollution-free Long cycle life No memory effect Capacity,resistance,Voltage,platform time consistency is good. With short-circuit production function. Safe and reliable. High quality Good consistency. Low self discharge. Light weight, small size   Applications: Sub-Ohm devices, various Portable Devices, Power Tools, eBike, EV LED Torch etc.

Fender Pro Junior III vs Harpgear HG2


Comparison video of two brand new, out-of-the-box, amplifiers: The Fender Pro Junior III vs the Harpgear HG2. Both being played on a Hohner Marine Band Harmonica, in the key of A, through a Vintage Astatic JT-30 Microphone with a Shure CM 99A86 element. Shot on my iPhone. Apologies for the one handed shaky beginning. Enjoy!

Что стало с дешевыми аккумуляторами LiitoKala HG2 3000мАч через 3 года использования в шуруповерте


Замер емкости и внутреннего сопротивления аккумуляторов LiitoKala HG2 3000мАч после трех лет использования в шуруповерте. Аккумуляторы LiitoKala HG2 покупал тут- 🤍 Плату BMS 4S 30A можно купить тут- 🤍 Мультиметр BSIDE ZT102A покупал тут- 🤍 Высокоточный тестер YR1035 покупал тут- 🤍 Зарядное устройство Opus BT-C3100 V2.2 покупал тут- 🤍

Liitokala 18650 hg2 cells test


LG HG2 18650 battery safety tests (overcharge, short, salt water)


This video was originally intended as private testing for a project I'm working on and was posted unlisted. But later, I thought it could help a couple of people so I made it public. We wanted to do some safety testing on the LG HG2 cells. So we tested directly shorting the cells. We tried overcharging them and also dropping them in saltwater. I am by no means saying these cells are perfectly safe. Draw your own conclusion from your own research I'm merely showing what happened when I tested them. That being said it looks like on both the overcharge and short circuit tests the cells first fail internally and cut the current. Even though no current is flowing through the surface temperature still increases and a little later the cells overpressure protection bursts. The saltwater test did very little damage to the cell. Only some mild corrosion.

Дешёвые высокотоковые Li-ion 18650 аккумуляторы Liitokala HG2 с Aliexpress нагрузочный тест 10 - 15А


🤍 - аккумуляторы 18650 HG2 3000 мАч Тестирование дешёвых высокотоковых литий ионных аккумуляторов Liitokala HG2 18650 с Aliexpress токами 10 - 15А до полной разрядки. Замер внутреннего сопротивления прибором YR1035+, замер температур аккумуляторов термометром с выносным термодатчиком и тепловизором HTi HT-301. 🤍 - 18650 держатель.STL 🤍 - электронная нагрузка 🤍 - YR1035+ измеритель сопротивлений 🤍 - ваттметр индикатор ёмкости батареи 🤍 - цифровой вольтметр 🤍 - DC-DC 300W 20A 🤍 - медный рулон 0,2х100х1000мм 🤍 - тепловизор Hti HT-301

Liitokala 18650 35s vs 30A vs HG2 Capacity Testing


Capacity testing of Liitokala 18650 Lii-35s, Lii-30A and Liitokala HG2 I also did a high drain test of Liitokala version of HG2 and Lii-30A. Can they support continuous 20Amp discharge rate? What the video to find out. Chapters 0:00 Liitokala 18650 Capacity testing 1:12 HG2 Specs 2:02 Lii-30A Specs 2:55 Internal resistance check 5:10 Capacity testing at 0.2C rate 6:14 Capacity testing at 5Amps 9:15 Capacity testing at 10Amps 10:42 Cell Temperature at 10Amps 11:03 Samsung 30Q discharge curve comparison 12:38 High drain test at 20Amps Links to the batteries that I tested HG2 - 🤍 Lii-30A - 🤍 Lii-35s - 🤍 Links to Capacity tester and tools that I used EBC-A20 Battery Capacity Tester Lazada( 🤍 ) Shopee( 🤍 ) RC3563 Battery Internal resistance tester Lazada( 🤍 ) Shopee( 🤍 ) UNI-T UT210E Digital Multimeter - Lazada( 🤍 ) Shopee( 🤍 ) #Liitokala #18650 #Battery

Аккумуляторы 18650 высокотоковые с алиэкспресс Liitokala HG2 3000mAh 20A платы BMS 3S 4S xl4015


В этом ролике будут показаны аккумуляторы 18650 высокотоковые с алиэкспресс Liitokala HG2 3000mAh 20A, платы BMS 3S 4S, понижающий преобразователь xl4015 и многое другое Аккумуляторы 18650: Высокотоковые 3000mAh: 🤍 С защитой 3400mAh: 🤍 и 🤍 3400mAh с напайками: 🤍 и 🤍 3400mAh: 🤍 и 🤍 3400mAh с проводами: 🤍 Блок питания 8,4В; 12,6В; 16,8В: 🤍 Разъем 5,5мм: 🤍 Набор кнопок: 🤍 Цифровой вольтметр: 🤍 Щупы для мультиметра: 🤍 Платы BMS 3S, 4S: 🤍 и 🤍 Понижающий xl4015: 🤍 и 🤍 USB Тестеры: 🤍 и 🤍 🤍 и 🤍 Кабель USB Type-C: 🤍 Зарядка USB: 🤍 Зарядные устройства: Liitokala Lii-500: 🤍 и 🤍 Liitokala Lii-500S: 🤍 и 🤍 Liitokala Lii-600: 🤍 и 🤍 Opus BT-C3100: 🤍 SKYRC MC3000 BT: 🤍 VK: 🤍 Telegram: 🤍 Кэшбэк сервисы: Backit: 🤍 или 🤍 LetyShops: 🤍 #goodproduct #18650 #liion

Revue batteries LG 18650 : les HE4 et HG2


La revue complète de deux batteries LG, la 18650 HE4 et la 18650 HG2. La HE4 est une alternative à peu près équivalente aux samsung 25R, tandis que la HG2 propose des performances supèrieures et surtout une capacité nettement plus grande. Les courbes de décharges sont éloquentes, elles ont été réalisées par le site 🤍 sur lequel vous trouverez de nombreux tests de batteries réalisés avec une précision et une rigueur exemplaires. Un grand merci à Stephan pour la participation de dampfakkus à cette revue :) Ces batteries sont disponibles à un prix défiant toute concurrence sur le site NKON (🤍 qui m'a envoyé les batteries de cette revue. C'est un site nééelandais, donc européen, la livraison (4 euros pour 10 batteries) prend moins d'une semaine vers la France et la Belgique. La LG 18650HE4 : 🤍 La LG 18650HG2 : 🤍 La HE4 est en promotion à €3,65 au lieu de €6,45... moitié moins chère que la samsung 25R pour des performances similaires :) La HG2 est à €6,45 pour des performances impressionantes.

25A Discharge TEST LiitoKala HG2 Vs Molicel P26A


25A Discharge TEST LiitoKala HG2 Vs Molicel P26A Придумал такое тестирование: 30 секунд ток в 30А затем 1 минута отдыха. Тест завершается по напряжению меньше 2.8В или по температруе выше 80°C (I came up with this test: 30 seconds current at 30A, then 1 minute of rest. The test ends when the voltage is less than 2.8V or when the temperature is above 80°C) Таблица с результатами тестов (Table with test results) 🤍 Аккумуляторы (MOLICEL P26A): 🤍 Аккумуляторы (LiitoKala HG2)🤍 Электронная нагрузка (Load): 🤍 _ На развитие канала (For channel development) 🤍

LiitoKala NOR TEST | LG INR18650 HG2


Doing a NOR TEST on an LG INR18650 HG2 lithium-ion cell. . LiitoKala Engineer Lii-500 Smart Charger's NOR TEST mode measures the 'discharge capacity' of a cell or the capacity discharged from a fully-charged cell (4.2V down to 2.8V). I used an LG INR18650 HG2 (aka LG Choco) lithium-ion cell for this test and chose 'Current 1000mA' option of the Lii-500. . Codes printed on the cell's cover: LGDBHG21865 O247I042AH . For detailed review/ write-up of the LiitoKala Engineer Lii-500 Smart Charger, kindly visit: 🤍

A closer look at LiitoKala Fake LG HG2 18650 Cells. Conclusive!


In this video, I take a closer look at whats underneath the wrapper on these two examples of LittoKala LG HG2's purchased from Aliexpress. Clear differences in the white insulation ring, heatshrink thickness and cell can crimping were found.

Black Box HG2


00:00 Drums 02:27 Guitar 04:50 Bass

Oryginalne czy podrobione? LG HG2


Time Lapse Construction Black Box Analog Design HG2


Here we see the final assembly of a Black Box Analog Design HG-2. Prior to this stage, the circuit had to be designed, an enclosure imagined, circuit boards designed and fabricated, the enclosure and face plate fabricated, parts ordered, circuit boards stuffed, harnesses made and then. . . . the assembly.

Тест 18650 аккумуляторов JOUYM HG2 3000mAh с помощью QS-906


Тестирую JOUYM HG2 3000mAh с помощью QS-906

JOUYM HG2 Тестирование дешевых 18650 с AliExpress


В этом видео протестируем аккумуляторы JOUYM HG2 Поддержать тесты 🤍 _Разверни_ Брал тут: 🤍 Электронная нагрузка (Load): 🤍 Результаты всех испытаний будут сводиться в эту таблицу: The results of all tests will be summarized in this table: 🤍 Music: Vladimir Helix - Luminous Vladimir Helix - How Does it Happen Теги: #18650 #batterytest #highcurrent



PLUGIN ALLIANCE NEOLD BIG AL || Saturation Plugin shootout vs Black Box HG2 & Softube Saturation Knob Another new plugin release 2021 with Paul Third and mixing wednesdays and this week more music production software from plugin alliance and NEOLD. Saturation plugins are ten bob a penny these days but I had to try out this neold plugin as i love the neold v76u3b as my vocal compressor. Lets have a look at the best plugins for saturation and do a plugin comparison against softube plugins and the black box hg2. You can even see this as a music production tutorial for how to use different forms of saturation. This plugin is included in our MIX & MASTER and MEGA Bundle at no extra cost! Unique Harmonics BIG AL is a dual-stage tube saturator that offers a broad palette of marvelous sound flavors flowing from the interactive network within its transformer-coupled pre and power amp. Based on completely novel circuitry and authentic NOS components from the 1930s, the one-off analog hardware has been exclusively designed for this plugin. Filter Freak BIG AL's frequency conditioning begins right in the EF9 preamp stage. The Low control is implemented as a Baxandall filter which allows adjusting saturation intensity around 100Hz in optional combination with boosting or cutting the bass at the same time. The High control is an additional EQ band placed in front of the preamp tube. Its peaking filter boosts or cuts high-frequency content around 10kHz which is essential for inciting or taming BIG AL's treble aggression potential. Onboard Mods A jumper matrix grants access to BIG AL's core circuitry: Emphasis Shift, Bass Compensator and Voltage Sag provide powerful options for making complex changes to the distortion profile on the fly by inserting or pulling a few simple plugs. The finishing spice is added by the AL4 power pentode and its output transformer, driven hot by the preamp stage. The result? A truly gorgeous kind of harmonic saturation that will always sound organic, musical, and bold. FEATURES Tube saturator built around vintage components from the radio era Uses pre and power tubes to generate sound coloration (‘The Power Saturator’) Emulation based on a one-off hardware created exclusively for this plugin Straight forward user interface spiced up with three jumpers for in-depth onboard mods Very musical and analog sounding saturation and filters

How To Align The Burrs On The Weber HG2 Espresso Grinder


Hello Folks! Remember, if your grinder is new, there is no need to align (HG/KEY) as it comes aligned from the factory. Please note that this is a very long video, 24 minutes! This is how I align the burrs when I repair these grinders, I like to take my time to make sure it is perfect. There is a shorter way to do it and I might make a video about it in the near future, haven't tried it yet. Also, with conical burrs, a very minor "misalignment" is not a big deal and will have very little to no effect on your espresso shot. Skip to 9:07 to start and see the "longer version". I did find this on the web: WW HG1 Video: 🤍 For a simple version, just do the following: 1 - make sure the grind is adjusted to be very coarse 2 - make the 2 bolts under the burr mount finger tight. These are visible when you look up at the bottom burr, by the main body. They use an M5 hex key, which was included with your grinder. The outer burr and its holder should still be able to move along the flat surfaces when pushed, but not so loose there is any sagging. 3 - while slowly turning the grinder, also slowly tighten the grind setting. 4 - watch for when the burrs start to rub. Keep adjusting the grind finer while using the burrs to self-align. You might need to give it a little help depending on how tight the screws are. 5 - once you are about as fine as you can adjust the grind with the burrs still spinnable (once you go too fine they will bind up), your burrs are as concentric as they can get. 6 - tighten the 2 bolts. this locks the alignment in place. 7 - loosen the grind to un-bind the burrs. you’ll need about a full turn away from the locked position to be in a usable range (more coarse than Turkish). Again, I haven't tried this shorter version but thought to include it for those who are looking for a "quick solution" out there, so I can't promise it will work flawlessly. IG: 🤍ozespresso Happy brewing! -Y

Разные копии шоколадки LG HG2 с Алиэкспресс - хорошие и не очень


Тестирую и показываю разницу между фейками популярной шоколадки. Разное внутреннее сопротивление, ёмкость и внешний вид. = Ссылки на товары - HG2 из партии с разными выводами 🤍 - HG2 от liitokala 🤍 - liitokala Lii-600 🤍 - измеритель внутреннего сопротивления 🤍 Не ленись - на канал подпишись 🤍youtube.com/c/КупленовКитае?sub_confirmation=1 Канал в соцсетях Канал в телеге Дайджест 🤍 ВКонтакте 🤍 Инстаграм 🤍 ТикТок 🤍 Дзен 🤍 Регистрируйся и возвращай до 90% от покупки 🤍 Регистрируйся и зарабатывай 🤍 Партнерка для заработка на Ютуб 🤍

Weber HG2 Hand Grinder Repair | How To & Tips


So it seems like I need to make another video that shows how to align the burrs, only made one on the EG 1. Drop a comment if you have any questions. You can watch more videos on it if you go to the official Weber channel. Hope you enjoy the video and please consider subscribing. Thanks! IG: 🤍ozespresso

HG2 Emergency Lighting | IACP 2017 Expo Booth Tour


Introducing our new Z-Drive Technology® Take a 360° tour of our fully interactive IACP 2017 Conference & Expo booth. Featuring our new product line on the HG2 Ford Explorer and Dodge Charger demo vehicle. Email sales🤍hg2lighting.com or call 1-866-468-4569 for more information. website | hg2lighting.com facebook | facebook.com/hg2lighting twitter | twitter.com/hg2lighting instagram | instagram.com/hg2lighting

HG2 Emergency Lighting | Chevy Impala


HG2 Emergency Lighting Chevy Impala Runner. This vehicle is outfitted with the HG2 Side Runners, Grill Pieces and License Plate Piece. Visit hg2lighting.com or call 1-866-468-4569 for more information. facebook | facebook.com/hg2lighting twitter | twitter.com/hg2lighting instagram | instagram.com/hg2lighting

HG2 Emergency Lighting | 2016 Dodge Charger at IACP San Diego 2016


2016 Dodge Charger at IACP 2016 San Diego, California. Outfitted with: HG2 Emergency Lighting Custom Push Bar Designed with Setina Manufacturing HG2 Side Runners HG2 Mirror Lights HG2 Side Pushbar Lights HG2 Side Door Lights HG2 Crossfire Front and Rear HG2 Front Visor HG2 Rear Visor HG2 Rear Wig-Wag Taillight Flasher HG2 Fog Lights Email sales🤍hg2lighting.com or call 1-866-468-4569 for more information. website | hg2lighting.com facebook | facebook.com/hg2lighting twitter | twitter.com/hg2lighting instagram | instagram.com/hg2lighting

Высокотоковые аккумуляторы "HG2" (18650) от JOUYM | #Обзор


Ссылка на покупку: 🤍 Лучший кешбек-сервис: 🤍 Решил по весне реанимировать парочку аккумуляторов старенького шуруповерта, сначала хотел взять проверенные подделки от «литокалы», но не смог найти ни одного лота с экспресс доставкой, а из китая литий идет ... #Отзыв на товар с #Aliexpress Высокотоковые аккумуляторы "HG2" (18650) от JOUYM | #Обзор Видео создано в образовательных целях, для деманстрации современных маркетенговых технологий. Все права на текст и фото пренадлежат автору: ResSet //////

The HG2 Dark Shadow - 2019 Chrysler 300C with the HG2 Custom LED Lights for First Responders.


#EmergencyVehicle #FirstResponders #DarkShadow REQUEST A CATALOG: 🤍 Email sales🤍hg2lighting.com or call 1-866-468-4569 for more information. Our newest creation - The HG2 Dark Shadow: A 2019 Chrysler 300C transformed into a futuristic night rider with the HG2 custom LED lights for first responders. We create custom lighting packages for all emergency responders, and we engineer and manufacture all of our products 100% in the USA. We are honored to have worked on this amazing custom build - 2019 Chrysler 300C! Easily one of the most breathtaking projects we've been a part of! Learn more about how we can build your custom lighting package and to use our lighting for your emergency vehicle. Request a Quote Now! 🤍 HG2 Emergency Lighting is a business built on several unwavering core beliefs that guide our every decision. We believe in using the highest-quality materials to make the highest-quality products. We believe in talking to our customers to learn what they need. We believe in hard work, continuous innovation and attention to detail. We believe in earning the trust of our customers with every product. We believe in developing and manufacturing emergency lighting products that you can depend on day in and day out. Most importantly, we believe in emergency responders, like you, coming home safely at the end of your shifts. Email sales🤍hg2lighting.com or call 1-866-468-4569 for more information. website | 🤍 facebook | 🤍 twitter | 🤍 instagram | 🤍




HG2: Energetisch Renovatie Concept: dé toekomst voor Sociale Woningbouw


HG2 is een ontwikkeling waar Hemink,Groep BV, Timmerfabriek Groothuis en Benjamin Prefab intensief aan hebben gewerkt. Het is een concept speciaal ontwikkeld om in 3 dagen een woning te verduurzamen naar nul op de meter en No Regret. Onderstaande animatie geeft fantastische weer hoe dit energetisch renovatieconcept eruit ziet.

HG2 Emergency Lighting | Construction Truck Light Package Ford F250


Check out this Super Duty Ford F250 flashing in Amber and White. Full build includes: -HG2 Z-Drive Side Runners® -HG2 Front Visor® -HG2 Rear Visor® -HG2 Crossfire® License Plate Frame HG2 Emergency Lighting is a business built on several unwavering core beliefs that guide our every decision. We believe in using the highest quality materials to make the highest-quality products. We believe in talking to our customers to learn what they need. We believe in hard work, continuous innovation and attention to detail. We believe in earning the trust of our customers with every product. We believe in developing and manufacturing emergency lighting products that you can depend on day in and day out. Most importantly, we believe in emergency responders, like you, coming home safely at the end of your shifts. Email sales🤍hg2lighting.com or call 1-866-468-4569 for more information. website | 🤍 facebook | 🤍 twitter | 🤍 instagram | 🤍

HG2 Emergency Lighting | 2017 Dodge RAM Video


2017 Dodge RAM Video Is Finally Here! Featuring: HG2 Front Visor® HG2 Grill Lights® HG2 Side Runners® HG2 Fender Well Runner® HG2 Tailgate Runner® HG2 Fog Lights® HG2 Wig Wag® Contact us at 866.468.4569 or email us at Sales🤍hg2lighting.com for further information and quotes! We look forward to hearing back from you! NCS: Music Without Limitations NCS Spotify: 🤍 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 Connect with NCS: Snapchat: ncsmusic • 🤍 • 🤍 • 🤍 • 🤍 • 🤍 HG2 Emergency Lighting is a business built on several unwavering core beliefs that guide our every decision. We believe in using the highest quality materials to make the highest-quality products. We believe in talking to our customers to learn what they need. We believe in hard work, continuous innovation and attention to detail. We believe in earning the trust of our customers with every product. We believe in developing and manufacturing emergency lighting products that you can depend on day in and day out. Most importantly, we believe in emergency responders, like you, coming home safely at the end of your shifts. Email sales🤍hg2lighting.com or call 1-866-468-4569 for more information. website | hg2lighting.com facebook | facebook.com/hg2lighting twitter | twitter.com/hg2lighting instagram | instagram.com/hg2lighting

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