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Low Frequency Expander // Increase your synths modulation capabilities


#LFE #lowfrequencyexpander #review #demo #walkthrough This can give you 3 complex LFOs, additional envelope, sequencer and arpeggiator plus loads of extra functionality. Well worth a look if you've got a Sequential Prophet or OB-6... or any synth with limited modulation. It can work with anything that accepts MIDI CC. 🤍 Yoricktechltd🤍 🤍 If you're looking at buying a new synth try this link for Perfect Circuit - I might get a bung ;) 🤍 For some more in depth tutorials specifically on the 2600 and loads more on others :)... ► Patreon: 🤍 ►ClubbingTV From the Studio: 🤍 Other places you’ll find me: ► Instagram: 🤍 ► Facebook: 🤍 ► Twitter: 🤍 ► Bandcamp 🤍 0:00 intro 4:44 Hardware 6:31 MIDI Connection 7:13 Main Operation 9:42 Envelope/Sequencer 16:52 LFO 1&2 20:54 LFO Delay and Fade 22:40 Mult 23:53 LFO 3 25:46 Arp 27:34 Sub & Voice Modes 29:06 Selective Note Aftertouch 30:15 MPE 33:04 CC Synth - Super 6 35:16 Final Thoughts

FM Band Expander:listen to Local FM Stations from your Japanese car Stereo


#fmexpander #fmbandexpander #fmbandexpanderforjapaneseradio FM Band Expander: In this video, you will learn how to listen to your favorite FM Station not supported in your Japan Car Stereo. Mentioned in this Video : FM Expander - 🤍 Do you have any questions? leave your question in the comment box. Subscribe:🤍

How to fit a radio Band Expander to Nissan Note #1408


The radios fitted to imported cars often have the incorrect frequency range for the new country, as a result, many radio stations can't be selected. Sure, ripping out the old radio and fitting a new one is one way of solving the problem, but often expensive too! In this video I show you just how easy it is to install a frequency 'Band Expander'. These units are an inexpensive solution and very quick and easy to install too...just watch :-)

From The Studio - Low Frequency Expander


In this episode, Starsky Carr will walk you through the Low Frequency Expander! « FROM THE STUDIO » IS A TV SHOW DEDICATED TO MUSIC PRODUCTION & HOME STUDIO HOSTED BY STARSKY CARR & PRODUCED BY CLUBBING TV. Every week, from our studio, the well known Youtuber Starsky Carr talks, test, reviews, rates, recommends the best home studio gears out there and tips on how to use them. Follow and Subscribe to Starsky Carr's channel! : 🤍 Follow Starsky Carr's Patreon account for exclusive contents: 🤍 Subscribe to Clubbing TV: 🤍 Join us on Facebook: 🤍 Watch us LIVE on our website: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Follow us on Twitch: 🤍 DOWNLOAD OUR APP FOR FREE! : Apple Store: 🤍 Google Playstore: 🤍 Roku: 🤍 Clubbing TV is the World's 1st TV channel dedicated to Clubbing, DJs and Dance Music Culture available in HD 24/7 Worldwide. Clubbing TV offers to millions of fans exclusive Lifestyle programs representing all the Electronic Music styles and flavors. Discover our reports of the hottest cities, clubs & festivals. Enjoy our live broadcasts from the biggest Festivals. Watch our Live Streamings, documentaries, Music videos, Live DJs performances, DJs Interviews & talk shows. Clubbing TV... Louder than your speakers!

Low Frequency Expander - Yorick Tech


I reviewed the ow Frequency Expander back in 2019 when it was just a single Prototype for the Sequential OB6. Original Review - 🤍 Earlier this Year, Steve from Yorick Tech popped around with a new version with an updated Design to match the aesthetics of the Sequential Prophet 5/10 and with a whole host of updates inside too. Due to bereavement I wasn't able to edit the video, however I have now put it together, demonstrating a variety of functions, as well as with a few different Synths. W: 🤍 FB: 🤍 00:00 - Intro 01:02 - Overview 02:50 - Prophet 10 Demo 19:50 - Korg Prologue Demo 25:54 - CV with BARP 2600 29:32 - MPE with OB6 36:46 - CC Synth with JX-3P 38:38 - Global Menu

The Pro's and Con's of installing a car stereo band expander


If your japanese car stereo isn't reaching New Zealand radio frequencies, you could install a band expander. HOWEVER, it may not be a perfect solution. Find out from Josh about how a band expander enables you to get more frequencies, what they are good for and why they might not solve your problem. New Video Weekly! Subscribe to see more. Come and see us: 19 Stewart Street, Christchurch Central, New Zealand Visit our website: 🤍 Shop the product: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍

Low Frequency Expander - Demo of 10 OB-6 patches with and without LFE - turn on Closed Captions!


Low Frequency Expander - Demo of first 10 OB-6 factory patches with and without LFE - make sure your Closed Captions/subtitles are on!

Low Frequency Expander showing patch names and categories for Prophet 6 and OB-6


The LFE now stores patch names and categories. Each time a patch is selected on the synth, the LFE will display the name and category. You can also step through all the patches in a particular category e.g. Lead so you can find a patch easily without having to memorise all 1000 patch names and categories. Yorick Tech Ltd See Facebook 🤍 Or contact yoricktechltd🤍

Low Frequency Expander for DSI OB6, Sequential Prophet 6 and more - Yorick Tech


🤍 OB6 Patches - 🤍 Prophet 6 Patches - 🤍 So I heard through the Grapevine, well, it was Gearslutz...That a Synth enthusiast had made an external "Box" that adds extra LFO's and other things to the Dave Smith Instruments OB6/Sequential Prophet 6, but at the time I didn't look into it. Then a fellow Gearslut sent me a link to the discussion and I was surprised at how good it looked and the possibilities that it could offer these fantastic instruments. So, after a very brief exchange, the developer from Yorick Tech visited my Studio and I did an overview review.

Artec EXP Frequency Expander Comparison Review


Artec EXP Frequency Expander Comparison Review Artect EXP is one of the best onboard booster available 🤍 My music is distributed on every major platform Hervé Senni Streaming Websites Spotify: 🤍 Youtube Play: 🤍 Deezer: 🤍 Tidal: 🤍 Buy Hervé Senni Music online Apple Music :🤍 Amazon: 🤍 All my videos: 🤍 My favorite Guitar Players and Guitar Builders Videos: 🤍 My Guitar Shop: 🤍 My site about music and gears: 🤍 🤍 Some Social Pages: 🤍 🤍 Don't forget to register to my account and to activate the notification bell. I am uploading videos weekly. Rock on -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How to Change Tempo and Time Signature in Cubase Element 11 " 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Low Frequency Expander for OB-6. Overview.


My Low Frequency Expander for the OB6. Also will work with Prophet 6.

In the Mix: Volume 1 Low Frequency Expander (LFE) with Moog Voyager and Dave Smith OB-6


Yorick Tech just released an update that included the use of the LFE with the Moog Voyager. Here is a little taste of what it can do. Descriptions of what's going on are throughout the video. Enjoy. For more information on the LFE: 🤍 Please make sure to hit that thumbs up, comment and subscribe for more videos. I am going to be sharing more production tips and tricks as well as doing some gear demos inside songs, to really let you know how usable and accessible sounds are within pieces of gear. Feel free to request some stuff and I will see what I can do. Follow my work on social media 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Midland 78-999 with frequency expander


Midland avec expander

Prophet 10 desktop with Low Frequency Expander


Just got the P10 today and thought I'd have a play with the LFE's arpeggiator and with sending clock synced LFOs to control filter envelope decay, Poly Mod depth, filter envelope amount and filter envelope attack. Just having a play with what's possible - not trying to be even remotely musical! The pattern is the arpeggiator in Played Order mode. The LFE display's left column shows the clock sync division, e.g. 8 is one cycle per 8th note and 2b is one cycle per 2 bars.

OB-6 Low Frequency Expander


Just received the Low Frequency Expander for the OB-6 (and Prophet 6) and doing some experimentation. Here, LFO 1 controls filter frequency, LFO 2 controls resonance and LFO 3 controls distortion amount. The envelope adds a subtle scoop in pitch to Osc 2. This module adds an incredible amount of flexibility to the OB-6. Thanks, Steve Hunt!

In the Mix: Volume 2 DSI OB-6 / Low Frequency Expander / Launchpad / Octatrack


I had just got the Octatrack and the Launchpad and was in the mode of making a bunch of sequences and dumping them into the Octatrack for cutting up and processing. This sound was my first attempt at combining the two. Hope you enjoy the video. Leave any comments or questions below. Please make sure to hit that thumbs up and subscribe for more videos. I am going to be sharing more production tips and tricks as well as doing some gear demos inside songs, to really let you know how usable and accessible sounds are within pieces of gear. Feel free to request some gear and sounds in the songs below and I will see what I can do. Follow my work on social media 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Yorick Tech Low Frequency Expander modulating the Nord Wave 2


The LFE was designed to control the OB6 and Prophet 6 synths but is now able to control the Nord Wave 2 and Korg Prologue as well. Just a quick demo to show some of the modulation possibilities available - there are about 80 modulation destinations which can be controlled by 4 generators: a 6-stage envelope that can also be a 16 step modulation sequencer, and 3 complex LFOs. Each can also be multiplied by another controller, so the level of each modulator can be affected by aftertouch, velocity, mod wheel, one of the other modulators etc...

12 min Heart Center Expander - Multi Vibrational Frequency


Purchase this Audio Meditation: 12 min heart center expander - Multi Vibrational frequency Hz The multiple vibrations, noises, instruments, and frequencies in this video help open and heal the heart at deep levels, using lower and more powerful frequencies that affect the energy of the heart. Reuse of this video is not allowed in any form.

Low Frequency Expander's Arpeggiator


For the Prophet 5 and 10 and other synths that don't have an Arpeggiator, the LFE now has one. It runs off either its own internal clock or from a midi clock. It has the usual Up, Down, Up-down, random and played-order modes. It also has a Down-up mode, 4 octave repeats and the gate length can go up to 200% of the note length so that adjacent notes overlap. The synth you hear is an OB-6. Now taking orders for LFE Batch 7 for delivery in June/July 2021. Yorick Tech Ltd can be reached at yoricktechltd🤍

Little Infinite Frequency Expander / LIFE L.I.F.E. / BOSTICH / NORTEC


Ramon Amezcua - Bostich / Point Loma playing L.I.F.E. (Little Infinite Frequency Expander) with B.O.B. (Breakout Box) by Technomage. L.I.F.E. is essentially a compact self-contained hand held inspirational tool for everybody interested in the creation of sound. 🤍 🤍 🤍

SAV364X VNA Frequency Extender Brief Introduction


Introduction for Saluki S3602 series VNA together with extension module

Low Frequency Expander using CCs and NRPNs


Low Frequency Expander using CCs and NRPNs 1st. LFO1 with falling saw wave synced to key press gives a burst of Chorus at the start of the note which decays away. 2nd LFO3 adds a chiff of noise at the start of the note and is velocity dependent 3rd the Mod Wheel brings in the OB6's LFO to mod the filter and I use LFO2's 'mod slot' to send Aftertouch to change the frequency of the OB6's LFO 4th the LFE's 16 step sequencer controls the VCO2 X-Mod. If you want including in a future batch then message me at: 🤍 stevehunt99🤍

FM Frequency Expander Untuk Mobil Build Up Jepang


Anda memiliki Mobil Build Up Jepang Dengan Headunit Original dan Frequency FM Radio anda pendek? Ini Solusi untuk mengatasi masalah; FM Frequency Expander. Pemasangan Gampang tanpa gangguan System Mobil Anda. Untuk Info lebih lanjut, silakan hubungi kami di : PD. Maju Jaya Jalan Kedungdoro 149A-151. Surabaya 60261. Telp : 031-5314288 Email : info🤍 Instagram : majujayavariasi

Low Frequency Expander CV in and out


Quick demo of the Expander's CV in and CV out First: LFO 1 random waveform to CV out Second: LFO 2 off, but multipled by CV in, which is receiving Mod Wheel, so the CV out = mod wheel Third: LFO 3 multiplied by CV in (Mod Wheel) going to CV out. CV out is going to two of my filters, set to move in opposite directions, one of which is high pass. No Midi involved. The CV input/output is a £25 cost-option for the Low Frequency Expander.

Low Frequency Expander for OB-6. Demo of LFO 2.


Demo of LFO2. LFO1 is identical. SHIFT button lets me change the waveshape. For Tri and Sin, it changes the symmetry so it moves from saw up through tri (or sin) to saw down. With the ramp up and down, it changes the shape from exponential up, through linear to exponential down. For square it changes the pulse width. For the Step waveform, SHIFT determines how many steps there are. (Using a negative Amount will make the steps go down rather than up). For Random it changes the timebase, so the pulses occur more randomly as well as having random levels. For slew, it changes the slew rate between steps. For Walk, it changes the walking step size.

Low Frequency Expander using MPE to control OB-6's pitch, sync and filter, changing clock divisions


Demo 4 of the LFE using Midi Polyphonic Expression (MPE) to modulate each of the synth's 6 voices independently. This also works for the Prophet 6. LFO1 square wave controlling pitch of VCO1 and 2 stepping an octave. LFO2 square wave controlling filter cutoff running at a faster clock multiple. LFO3 ramp up/tri/ramp down controlling VCO1 frequency, sync making the classic sync sound. Each LFO is sync'd to the synth's clock and has its own clock divisor so they can make crazy synchronised patterns. Later I turn on the synth's delay and play with its clock divisor, also sync'd to the same clock. MPE allows each of these 3 LFOs to run a separate LFO for each of the synth's 6 voices, so that's 3 x 6 = 18 LFOs running together. There's actually an extra set of 3 global LFOs and 7 envelopes that I'm not using in this demo. Also see: 🤍 🤍 🤍 There's still a lot of work for me to do to be able to release this to LFE customers so this is just a taster of things to come for the LFE! yoricktechltd🤍 🤍

Prophet 10 helped by Low Frequency Expander


The Yorick Tech LFE is doing two things here: 1. Adding a second voice per note, an octave and a fifth above the played note. This starts with a negative velocity offset so that it comes in with stronger playing. Later the offset is changed at the LFE, affecting the balance between the played and extra notes. 2. Release AfterTouch (RAT) increases the Release time if AfterTouch is applied just before releasing the note. By applying AT in this way, I can make some notes/chords play with longer Releases. No sustain pedal used in this demo. RAT could equally be applied to any other synth parameter or external FX setting, for example increasing delay or reverb depths after the note has been released.

Minute Mix Tips: Expander v. Gate


Veteran Producer/Engineer Brian Malouf, narrates these minute mix tips about problems and solutions while mixing recorded music. This tip covers the parameters and settings that determine whether a gain reduction dynamics device has the characteristics of a noise gate or expander.

Low Frequency Expander's CV in and CV out


Quick demo of the Expander's CV in and CV out First: LFO 1 random waveform to CV out Second: LFO 2 off, but multipled by CV in, which is receiving Mod Wheel, so the CV out = mod wheel Third: LFO 3 multiplied by CV in (Mod Wheel) going to CV out. CV out is going to two of my filters, set to move in opposite directions, one of which is high pass. No Midi involved. The CV input/output is a cost-option for the Low Frequency Expander.

Audio Gates & Expanders Explained #1


In this tutorial I am explaining the functions of a gate/expander and what effect that it has on our signal. It has an influence on the dynamic range that is exactly the opposite as to what a compressor does. We can use it to 'mute' background-spill or unwanted noise in between the dynamic peaks of our signal. ­­-­-­- If you enjoy these tutorials please consider supporting this channel! Check out some of the cool products we have to offer in the WickieMedia Shop: 🤍. ­­-­-­- ...Presented by Wick van den Belt for WickieMedia audio tutorials... Find WickieMedia online : 🤍 🤍 🤍

Midland 79-888 Frequency expander assembly


Placa para expansão de frequências

Low Frequency Expander providing Top Note Aftertouch for OB6


My Yorick Tech LFE is out of shot. Notice how ONLY the highest note I play is getting vibrato from aftertouch! It's taking normal channel aftertouch from the OB6, working out which is the highest note I'm playing and then sends aftertouch back to the OB6, but only on the highest note. It can also send for the lowest, first or latest notes instead. Most of the benefits of a poly aftertouch keyboard but using a standard synth with mono (channel) aftertouch. Sorry about the shaky camera! yoricktechltd🤍 🤍

V3050A Signal Analyzer Frequency Extender Application


This video introduces Keysight’s V3050A Signal Analyzer Frequency Extender to achieve unbanded frequency coverage up to 110 GHz. Learn more about Keysight's V3050A Signal Analyzer Frequency Extender: 🤍

Doepfer A 126-2 with Expander Frequency Shifter


this is the A 126-2 with board A - V1. with this board it is not possible to connect the "Input 2" and the "Envelope out" to the expander module! Modular Synthesizer Doepfer R 2 m Ribbon Controller Ornament and Crime Quantermain Dorian Scale Feedback Modular 2x Two59 to Joranalogue Filter 8 to Meng Qi DPLPG to Doepfer A 126-2 (sine & cosine by A 110-4 Quadrature VCO control by foh changes ) 126-2 Expander up & Down out to 2x A 134 (panning r-l or inverted A 110-4 outs) Roland 531 Mixer to 2x Monsoon ( Clouds DIY by TM) Lissajous A 110-4 sine & cosine to Mordax Data vid # 2085

Low Frequency Expander using MPE to control OB-6 Part 3: pitch, velocity and aftertouch


The Yorick Tech Low Frequency Expander is being used here with MPE (Midi Polyphonic Expression) to control the aftertouch section of the synth, then the pitch bend and then the filter cutoff. MPE allows each of the synth's 6 voices to have its aftertouch, pitch and filter cutoff (or PWM) controlled independently, i.e. POLYPHONICALLY! The OB6 can assign aftertouch (coming from the LFE via MPE) to the pitch of its VCO(s), loudness, LFO depth, filter cutoff or filter mode. In the first demo here, it is controlling VCO1's frequency, and as the VCOs are synced to VCO2, this gives the characteristic sync sound. The LFE is also multiplying each of its 6 envelopes by velocity, so each voice gets a different amount of sync envelope depending on each note's velocity. The second part of this demo uses MPE to control the pitch bend of each of the synth's 6 voices. I'm using it here with 6 LFOs to generate vibrato, again multiplied by polyphonic velocity to give vibrato with each note having slightly different vibrato rates and depths controlled by its velocity. The third part of the demo uses the MPE 'Y-channel' which the synth can assign to filter cutoff or PWM. Here it is being used to control filter cutoff, again with velocity affecting each of the LFE's 6 sawtooth LFOs so that each note can have different LFO depth. This will all do the same with a Prophet 6. This is an excerpt of a song of mine called 'Did we do the right thing?' There's still a lot of work for me to do to be able to release this to LFE customers so this is just a taster of things to come for the LFE! see: 🤍 🤍 yoricktechltd🤍 🤍

Are You Using This Compression Trick? - Upwards Compression Tutorial


What is upwards compression? It's a relatively unknown trick you might be missing from your mixing and mastering tool kit. In this video, I introduce upwards compression and share some free plugins to help you use this technique. It's good for: Boosting the quiet parts of an audio signal without squashing the punchy transients. Bringing more "room" or "ambience" forward in recordings. Reducing the dynamic range of an audio signal. Here are some of the videos I mentioned and some other links which help the channel: ► Compression Explained Video: 🤍 ► How To Hear Compression: 🤍 🌍 My Website / Contact / Hire me - 🤍 🎧 Become a member of this channel: 🤍 🎧 Patreon (Exclusive benefits): 🤍 🎧 My Sound Banks / Preset Packs - 🤍 📱 Join My Free Discord - 🤍 💸 Save money on DistroKid if you sign up through my custom link - 🤍 Free Plugins: DC1A: 🤍 OTT: 🤍

Prophet 10 using Low Frequency Expander (Yorick Tech LFE) for Release Aftertouch (RAT)


The LFE captures the after touch value just before the last key is released and uses this to control any parameter on the synth (or midi CC-enabled effects). It can be used a lot like Release Velocity to affect things after the key has been released, often Release times, FX depths etc. Here, an LFE customer is using RAT to bring in extra filter modulation after the note has been released, but only when he gives the note a quick push before letting go.

Korg Prologue controlled by Low Frequency Expander for extra modulations


The Yorick Tech Low Frequency Expander (LFE) is designed primarily for the Sequential / DSI OB-6 and Prophet 6 synthesizers, but it can now also control the Korg Prologue - another synth with relatively few modulation sources. The LFE adds 3 complex LFOs and a complex 6-stage envelope generator which can also be used as a 2 to 16 step sequencer. This is a simple demo of what the LFE can add to a few of the Prologue's factory patches. Not trying to be remotely musical here, just showing some of the extra modulation abilities on offer. 🤍 1. Runner Brass. Two slow LFOs modulating VCO1 and VCO2 shapes giving a very rich sound, envelope modulating filter resonance so each note starts without resonance, another (fast) LFO modulating filter frequency but only brought in with increasing velocity. 2. June Pad. Chorus speed controlled with envelope so it speeds up through the note then slows down. Reverb off during note but then full depth after note released. 3. In my dream. Velocity and LFE's envelope modulating Xmod depth, velocity modulating timbre balance reducing the level of the 'tinkle' with more velocity. LFO 3 comes in after about 2 seconds with a repeating pattern modulating the filter frequency, then I change the pattern type. 4. Solid Bass. Complex envelope modulating filter freq , LFO1 modulating VCO1 shape to give more richness, LFO2 is a key-triggered saw wave modulating Osc3 shape which gives a dark beat, LFO3 does the same with resonance giving a ching-ching beat with increasing velocity. 5. Opal mine. 7-step sequencer controlling filter frequency, filter freq and res controlled by LFO 2 and 3 giving the flutter effect, velocity controlling the Korg's LFO rate. 6. ReeseFlux. Envelope controlling the Korg's LFO rate and the depth of LFO1's sine wave which is modulating filter drive. LFOs 2 and 3 are modulating resonance and filter freq which come in after a few seconds. 8. Sherbet. Longer sequence modulating filter freq, LFO2 modulating Osc3 shape with velocity, LFO3 modulating filter res. 9. Raid rush. Envelope modulating filter env depth, velocity controlling the Korg's amp envelope's Attack time, LFO 2 modulating Osc3 level with a saw wave, LFO3 controlling filter freq. 10. Sparkle. Envelope controlling Osc 3 shape, 3 LFOs coming in after a del and/or fade to modulate filter frequency and VCO1 shape. 11. Poly spread. Complex envelope controlling filter freq and 3 LFOs coming in after delays to modulate 2 VCO shapes and filter env depth, one with just 3 cycles. 14. Cinematica. Envelope controlling Osc3 shape, filter freq controlled by a delayed stepped wave from LFO1, LFO2 modulating resonance, LFO3 brought in by velocity to affect VCO2 Octave giving the repeating beat pattern.

Carwebs - 2000yr+ BMW radio band expander


Carwebs shows you how to change radio frequency in Japanese imported BMW to NZ settings. This works on most 2000yr or newer models.

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