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Imagine walkthrough


Meet Imagine a playful world of unknown acoustic sounds 🤍 Imagine digs deep inside the body of real-life instruments, modifies, and combines their acoustic characteristics to create an imaginary acoustics landscape. Thanks to a playful multidimensional approach, Imagine offers texture manipulations, mysterious unknown sound dimensions that still sound familiar.

Imagine by Expressive E in 5 minutes!


Get Imagine 🤍 About Noisy 🤍 More plugin reviews 🤍 In this video I demo Expressive E Imagine - a new virtual instrument plugin from the company that brought us the Touché. Imagine is a VST compatible with all DAWs that models aspects of real life instruments and then let's you morph the sound into something new. You can use Imagine to create pads, leads, keys, bass, and rhythmic sequenced sounds as well. In this video I give you a tour of the features of Expressive E Imagine and let you hear a beat I created using only sounds from Imagine. - FOLLOW ME on Social Media- Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Soundcloud: 🤍 💼 Business and speaking engagements: Sanjay🤍 - LISTEN TO MY MUSIC - Spotify 🤍 iTunes 🤍 Google Play 🤍 - My Music GEAR (Amazon) - My trusty computer - 🤍 The best headphones EVER - 🤍 My main audio interface - 🤍 Excellent audio interface for beginners or anyone really - 🤍 Amazing studio monitors for the price - 🤍 My main keyboard - 🤍 My preferred mini keyboard - 🤍 My DAW - 🤍 Great microphone for vocals 🤍 The most expressive keyboard 🤍 The most complete virtual instrument collection - 🤍 Drum pads with the best sensitivity - 🤍 My main DAW controller - 🤍 Expressive control from the future - 🤍 The ULTIMATE hardware synth 🤍 The above links may be part of an affiliate program with the respective website. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Keywords: expressive e imagine, Imagine vst, imagine plugin, modeled instrument plugin, expressive e, sanjay c, sanjay c plugin reviews, sanjay c best plugins, best plugins, plugins for lo-fi, plugins for EDM, plugins for hip hop, best plugins 2021

Hear Imagine in action


Meet Imagine a playful world of unknown acoustic sounds 🤍 Imagine digs deep inside the body of real-life instruments, modifies, and combines their acoustic characteristics to create an imaginary acoustics landscape. Thanks to a playful multidimensional approach, Imagine offers texture manipulations, and mysterious unknown sound dimensions that still sound familiar. 0:06 - Grainy Strings 0:23 - Grammo Keys 0:40 - Magical Bells 0:57 - Strings Harmonics 1:16 - Liberty Strings 1:48 - Vintage Tape Strums 2:12 - Percuria 2:24 - Stringed Tremolo Hits 2:42 - Heaven's Choir 3:02 - Hammered Dulciharp 3:22 - Rasgueado Strings 3:39 - Divine Patch 4:01 - Lyria 4:19 - Modular Scape 4:39 - Ambient Strums 4:57 - Basstia 5:23 - Plate Drone 5:47 - Junglub 5:58 - Gypsy Arp 6:15 - Marley Bass 6:29 - Liberty Strings

Imagine by Expressive E - A Patch Exploration with Mike Pensini


To quote Expressive E - "Imagine is a plugin that offers a series of imaginary acoustic tones drawn from real-world instrumental bodies. It was specifically designed to generate multidimensional sounds, with textures and articulations that anyone can easily combine and manipulate in a playful way" - and I couldn't have said it better myself! Now let me take you on a sonic journey through the wonderful world of Imagine! Wonderful brushed textures, sparkling bell tones, rich resonant strings and inspiring rhythmic arpeggiated goodness - Imagine delivers them all in spades. You'll notice in this demo I'm using a variety of controllers to manipulate the macro knobs in Imagine in real time - I've mapped them to the knobs, modulation stick and D-Beam on my keyboard controller as well as the wonderfully expressive Touché from Expressive E. So sit back, put on your good headphones (or plug in those nice speakers) and enjoy! For more information about Imagine, head to the official Expressive E page at 🤍

Exploring Express E IMAGINE


check out my samples, wavetables, and presets at Expressive E has hooked me up with their new synth Imagine. Today I will be exploring the different sound design potential behind this synth. Imagine is a physical modeling synth developed by both Expressive E and A.A.S.

Expressive E imagine Demo & Review


#ExpressiveE #imagine #Touche ※Please subscribe to my channel! And if you like it, please thumbs up! ※チャンネル登録をよろしくお願いします。また、気に入ったらいいねをお願いします! Expressive E imagine Demo & Review DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE. English sub-titles available. Click [CC] and choose English from the Settings menu. 販売情報(JPN) beatcloud  Expressive E imagin 🤍 " musictrack gear's blog " 🤍 Instagram TV Channel. [IGTV] Only the digest version of the sound demonstration. 🤍 Facebook: Like me please! 🤍

Imagine by Expressive E | Making a Unique Sub Bass Instrument Tutorial


Check out Imagine | 🤍 Check out Plugin Deals | 🤍 Access 4 million sounds w/ Loopcloud Free Trial | 🤍 In this video tutorial, Joshua Casper shows you how to make a unique sub bass instrument with Expressive E's incredible sound design engine in their Imagine VSTi Plugin synth! Imagine | A Playful World of Unknown Acoustic Sounds Multidimensional Acoustic Tones Imagine digs deep inside the body of real-life instruments, modifies and combines their acoustic characteristics to create an imaginary acoustic landscape. Thanks to a playful multidimensional approach, Imagine offers texture manipulations, mysterious unknown sound dimensions that still sound familiar. Atypical Instruments Imagine offers hundreds of instrument layers, meticulously modelled to bring their very own character. Each preset combines two of these instrument layers to offer unprecedented acoustic timbres. Playful Sound Design Each instrument has its very own character that can be easily adjusted with great flexibility. Discover a playful sound design experience by combining and tweaking your instruments to your taste. Vivid Textures, Morphing Acoustic Combine the layers of instruments and modulate their characteristics in real-time, as well as additional textures for an extraordinary expressive experience. Enhance and Articulate Imagine offers a complete toolset of effects ideal for enhancing your sounds. Everything is designed for real-time manipulation to easily create fluid articulations, breaks drops, or to dynamically modify reverbs and delays. Built for Real-Time Modulation Multi-Stage Envelope Generators For further expressive possibilities, Imagine contains MSEGs that pack a huge collection of modulations for your sounds. Intelligent Modulation System Behind the scenes, everything is optimized to provide you with the best expressive experience possible: no dead zones; sensitivity curves and ranges are continuously scaled. Optimized Macros Significant optimization work has been carried out to allow you to modulate the sound of your instruments in real-time, resulting in a unique expressive perspective. #PluginBoutique #ExpressiveE #ImagineSynth

Expressive E and AAS' New Physical Modelling Synth!


Check it out here: 🤍 Check out the Touché controller video here: 🤍 Noisy video here: 🤍 Send Jef a tip!: Disclosure: I was not paid to make the video, but I was given the software for free. Chapters 0:00 Intro Idea 0:21 Intro 1:35 First Idea Patches 6:08 Second Idea 8:40 Third Idea 10:30 Some Details

Imagine x Touché


Meet Imagine a playful world of unknown acoustic sounds 🤍 💥 AAS and Expressive E's expertise merged into one unique product: "Imagine". Dive right into the body of real-life instruments, modify and combine their acoustic characteristics to create an exciting new imaginary acoustics landscape. 📌 In addition to being compatible with any classic midi controller, Imagine sound design dimensions are an ideal playground for our expressive controller called "Touché". Discover a whole new universe of sounds and playing articulations, fully compatible with Touché and its software companion, Lié.

Imagine - Espressive E synth - first look review


#ExpressiveE #Imagine #AAS 00:00 intro 01:32 basics 03:10 categories and presets 06:14 programming controllers 08:02 a substantial reservation 09:12 some conclusions 🤍 🤍 🤍

Imagine / Expressive E - Demo Songe


instruments is Expressive E / Imagine only I used effects(chorus,delay,reverb,etc) from the instruments(imagine) Plugin Boutique 🤍 Review Blog 🤍

making cinematic ambient music with IMAGINE by Expressive E & the akai mpk mini


✨GET IMAGINE by EXPRESSIVE E: 🤍 ✨ BECOME A MEMBER TO GET A FREE SAMPLE PACK: 🤍 ►🎹 Music Production Gear: my DAW - 🤍 my headphones - 🤍 akai mpk mini: 🤍 drum sounds from my HAZE pack: 🤍 ►🎥 Video Gear: my camera: 🤍 camera lens: 🤍 microphone: 🤍 streaming mixer: 🤍 audio interface: 🤍 ►🔮 SAMPLE PACKS AND MERCH: Sample Packs: 🤍 Merch: 🤍 ►📻 GET YOUR MUSIC ON STREAMING PLATFORMS: 7% off DistroKid: 🤍 - ►FOLLOW TAETRO: 📷 Instagram: 🤍 💬 Twitter: 🤍 🎧 Spotify: 🤍 This video sponsored by Expressive E Hi! My name is TAETRO. thanks for reading to the bottom of this page. i love making music, being creative and also helping other people make music and be creative. you can consider me your electronic music mentor. if you want to support this channel, many of the above links are affiliate links which means you can purchase gear or software at no additional cost and i will get a commission :) even just liking the video and subscribing to the channel helps a ton. thanks for watching the video!

Ce plugin est unique ! 💎 #imagine


Aujourd'hui on test un nouveau plugin de chez Expressive E qui s'appelle Imagine, et que je te conseille fort d'avoir dans ton arsenal. Les sonorités sont rafraichissantes, le design est plus que soigné, et c'est développé par une boite française, alors tu peux foncer les yeux fermés. Imagine : 🤍 Osmose : 🤍 Vidéo Noisy : 🤍 Pour soutenir 🙏🏼 🔴 Mon site : 🤍 🟣 ​Twitch : 🤍 📸 Instagram : 🤍

SUPERBOOTH 2021 Expressive É - Imagine Physical Modelling Instrument


Launched earlier this month the Expressive É Imagine is a collaboration between them and AAS who are the experts in physical modeling. The demo videos sound pretty good, so we thought we'd catch up with them here to see how it was. Currently on offer at 40% (around €83 Euros), its simplified interface for physical modeling  makes tweaking a lost more straightforward. 🤍 For more Videos from Superbooth Berlin 2021: 🤍 Exclusive extra content on Patreon 🤍 Frozen Reverbs Racks for Live: 🤍 Subscribe to Sonicstate on YouTube for new content! 🤍 Watch Sonicstate's Exclusive Series: Sonic LAB: 🤍 Meet The Makers: 🤍 Sonicstate Performances: 🤍 Sonic TALK Podcast: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Podcast/iTunes: 🤍

Expressive E Imagine - Gearspace @ Superbooth 2021


Expressive-E gave us a walkthrough of the Imagine, a unique virtual instrument made in partnership with Applied Acoustics Systems - AAS. For more on virtual instruments: 🤍 Animation by Royaltyfreetube - licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 - 🤍

Kora inspired patterns - Expressive E Imagine and Logic X polyrhythms. Modal transformations.


#kora #logicX #musictheory 00:00 intro 00:35 Kora 01:34 bass line 02:15 poly rhythmic track 02:58 tracks combined 04:15 conform patterns to scale 05:58 summing it up 🤍 🤍 🤍

Expressive E Imagine Macros by Jim Aikin


Expressive E Imagine is a new physical modeling synth that sounds organic, but you don't need to wear Birkenstocks with socks to read this in-depth review by Jim Aikin.

Expressive E imagine


Expressive E Imagine!


check em out here 🤍

Expressive E Imagine



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Expressive E imagineとTouché


Imagine by Expressive E


Thanks to all organizers of 🤍 June 11 music listening, and for this great giveaway: 🤍

SUPERBOOTH 2021 - Expressive E - Osmose Update


We first saw the  Expressive E Osmose back in 2019 before all this where the new format keyboard and soundengine (from Hakan Audio) really wowed all who saw it. The pre-order system meant that they  could focus on the finer point, but sadly Covid put a spanner in the works when it came to the schedule. We took a look at the nearly ready for production model and got an update. 🤍 For more Videos from Superbooth Berlin 2021: 🤍 Exclusive extra content on Patreon 🤍 Frozen Reverbs Racks for Live: 🤍 Subscribe to Sonicstate on YouTube for new content! 🤍 Watch Sonicstate's Exclusive Series: Sonic LAB: 🤍 Meet The Makers: 🤍 Sonicstate Performances: 🤍 Sonic TALK Podcast: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Podcast/iTunes: 🤍

Expressive E Osmose might have the most expressive keyboard ever | Superbooth 2021 | Thomann


Our team visited Expressive E´s cabin at this years Superbooth in Berlin to check out the upcoming Osmose synthesizer. It ́s not only including polyphonic voices by itself, yet it may have the most expressive keyboard ever. What do you think? Gear used: We use Triad-Orbit stands for our cameras, lights and mics: 🤍 Recorded and mixed with Universal Audio: 🤍 Monitors optimised through Sonarworks: 🤍 Webshop: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍thomann 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Visit our blogs: GER: 🤍 ENG: 🤍 FRA: 🤍 ESP: 🤍 ITA: 🤍 NED: 🤍 FIN: 🤍

Expressive E releases 'Imagine' physical modeling synthesizer


Expressive E has announced the release of Imagine, a physical modeling synthesizer, in collaboration with AAS (Applied Acoustic Systems). Imagine offers hundreds of instrument layers, meticulously modeled to bring their very own character. Each preset combines two of these instrument layers to offer unique acoustic timbres. Each instrument has its very own character that can be easily adjusted with great flexibility. Combing and tweaking instruments provides a multitude of sound design possibilities. Significant optimization work was carried out to allow layers of instruments to be combined and modulated in real time, as well as adding additional textures for a high degree of expressiveness. Imagine offers a complete tool set of effects ideal for enhancing sounds, also designed for real-time manipulation to easily create fluid articulations, breaks, drops, or to dynamically modify reverbs and delays. It has been a real pleasure to collaborate with Expressive E in the creation of Imagine. At the forefront of a new generation of controllers that provide multidimensional expression, their expertise proved to be a perfect match for our physical modeling technology. Clearly the best of both worlds. Pricing & Availability Expressive E is offering 40% off all plugins and sound expansions, including Imagine, for a limited time. Imagine is currently €83.40 (Reg. €139.00) and is available for Windows and MacOS in VST2, VST3 and AU plug-in formats. Read more at 🤍

Expressive E Touché SE - Watch BEFORE you buy!!


Expressive E Touché SE (US Link) 🤍 (Amazon) Expressive E Touché SE (International) 🤍 (Amazon) Here are 4 reasons I love the new Touché SE by Expressive E! In this video, I talk about the Touché midi controller device and accompanying software - Lié, both by Expressive E. The new Touché SE is $229 - a lot cheaper than the original Touché which is $399. The biggest difference is that the Touché SE can control software instruments only. The original can control hardware synths as well. The Touché SE allows you to control plugins and preset sounds included in Lié, its software instrument. You can also use Touché to control your existing software plugins like Massive, Serum, and many others. Touché is a USB expressive instrument designed to add expressiveness to plug-ins. Its highly sensitive and intuitive interface features a small platform which reacts to the smallest vibration and the lightest touch. It gives you dynamic control over your sound with simple and intuitive gestures. The included software, Lié is a plug-in host with a complete mapping interface and a preset browser. Touché and Lié come with a great selection of factory presets that work out of the box with the included UVI Workstation plug-in. Presets for a variety of other plug-ins (Native Instruments, Arturia, U-He….) are also included. - My Music GEAR - MacBook Pro 2018 - 🤍 Focusrite 2i4 audio interface - 🤍 Ableton Live Suite - 🤍 Ableton Push 2 - 🤍 Ableton Push 2 stand - 🤍 Presonus Eris 4.5 Monitor Speakers - 🤍 Presonus Temblor T8 Subwoofer - 🤍 Beyerdynamic DT-770 250 ohms headphones - 🤍 Shure SM7B microphone: 🤍 Rode NT1A: 🤍 My main keyboard Korg SV-1 - 🤍 Akai APC Key 25 - 🤍 Roli Seaboard Block: 🤍 Roli Lightpad Block: 🤍 Korg NanoKontrol 2 - 🤍 MidiFighter Twister - 🤍 My monitor - LG 4K 32" - 🤍 Native Instruments Komplete 12 Ultimate - 🤍 Soundtoys Bundle - 🤍 Artiphon Instrument 1 - 🤍 MoveMIDI - 🤍 Touché by Expressive E - 🤍 Arturia Minilab MKii - 🤍 - My camera and recording GEAR - Panasonic Lumix GH5 - 🤍 Panasonic Lumix G85 (previous camera) - 🤍 Canon G7X (point and shoot) - 🤍 Close up lens (Panasonic 20mm 1.7) - 🤍 Zoom lens (Panasonic 12-35mm 2.8) - 🤍 Rode VideoMic Pro Plus - 🤍 Rode VideoMicro (my old beloved mic) - 🤍 Joby Gorillpod 3K - 🤍 Mic Stand Camera Adapter (turns your mic stand into a tripod) - 🤍 Large LED Light - 🤍 Small LED Lights - 🤍 Philips Hue Bloom (for some color lighting) - 🤍 Umbrella for lighting - 🤍 Zhiyun Crane 2 Gimbal - 🤍 Camera Motorized Dolly (slider) - 🤍 DJI Mavic Pro - 🤍 Final Cut Pro X - 🤍 TubeBuddy YouTube Tools - 🤍 The above links may be part of an affiliate program with the respective website. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. - FOLLOW ME on Social Media- Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Soundcloud: 🤍 💼 Business contact: Sanjay🤍 Tags: Touché SE, touche se, is the Touche good, touche instrument, expressive e touche se, touche se review,touche review,expressive e touche review,touché expressive e,expressive e,touche controller,expressive,expressive e touché,uvi,synth reviews,performance expression,sanjay c,sanjayc,touché,lié,usb,lightpad block,instrument,tutorial,demo,reviews,falcon,arturia,daw,vst,plug-in,au,midi controller keyboard,mpe,odesza,software instrument,home studio,a moment apart,seaboard block,midi controller,controller

Custom Instruments With A Free Convolution Reverb Plugin & Expressive E Noisy 🎶


*Open me, DAWg* ▼▼▼$upport the Channel▼▼▼ 🤍 Howdy doody, frienderoonies! Today we're here to explore the new Expressive E synth called Noisy. This is a synthesizer based on the idea of resonance with physical modeling blended with subtractive synthesis for a sound that is a unique blend of familiar and new sonic textures. And, we'll be creating some custom Impulse Response files to load into a free convolution reverb plugin (Convology XT) to create a 'body' for our sound to resonate in to take the idea up to the next level! Check Out Noisy: 🤍 Convolgy XT: 🤍 Contact Microphone: 🤍 ▼▼▼TIMESTAMPZ:▼▼▼ 0:00 Howdy 0:42 What We're Doing Today 1:07 My Microphones Died 1:51 Recording IRs 3:06 Studio Buddy Love 3:28 Creating IRs 4:25 Let's Meet Noisy 5:57 Some Noisy Sound Demos 7:55 Using The IRs 9:57 Multiband IRs 11:17 Using Synth Sounds 12:41 Closing Thoughts Stay classy! ▼▼▼Distribute Your Music Today With DistroKid & Save 7%▼▼▼ 🤍 ▼▼▼Join My Discord!▼▼▼ 🤍 ▼▼▼Follow Venus Theory▼▼▼ Official Site → 🤍 Audius→ 🤍 Soundcloud → 🤍 Twitter→ 🤍 Instagram→ 🤍 Soundcloud → 🤍 VK → 🤍 ▼▼▼Gear List▼▼▼ 🤍

1 hour sound design w/ Noisy


testing out Expressive E's new synth Noisy this is one of the prettiest UI I've seen fairly minimal synth over all, but there's very few physical modeling options out there, so it should be fun

Expressive E Touché - Canlı Performans


Expressive E Touché ile oluşturduğum altyapı üzerine ufak bir canlı performans gerçekleştirdim. Touche ile yapılabilecekler hakkında ufak bir fikir olsun istedim, umarım beğenirsiniz. Video kullandığım ekipman linkerini aşağıda bulabilirsiniz. Keyifli seyirler... 🤍 🤍 🤍 ⚠️ Ayrıcalıklardan yararlanmak için KATIL ➡️ 🤍 👍 ABONE OL ➡️ 🤍 ⚠️ DistroKid %7 İndirim ➡️ 🤍 ⬅️ ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 🎼 🎶 ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Tayfun Göl - Morning Coffee ➡️ 🤍 🎧 ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 📺 Tavsiye Ettiğim Videolarım 📺 ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Türkçe Studio One Dersleri ➡️ 🤍 Mix & Mastering Teknikleri ➡️ 🤍 İskender Paydaş Röportajım ➡️ 🤍 EV STÜDYOSU (Ekipman İncelemeleri) ➡️ 🤍 Midi Klavye Seçimi ve İncelemeleri ➡️ 🤍 Müzik Programları (DAW Seçimi vb.) ➡️ 🤍 Merhaba, ben Tayfun Göl! Evde müzik stüdyosu kurmak için neler gerekiyor? Ev stüdyosu için bilgisayar nasıl olmalı? Nasıl ses kaydı yaparım? Mix, mastering ne demek, nasıl yapılır? Gibi soruları siz de soruyorsanız ev stüdyosu youtube kanalında ve web sitesinde bu tip sorulara yanıt olacak ücretsiz eğitici bilgiler yayınlıyorum. Ev Stüdyosu youtube kanalında ve web sitesinde genel olarak akustik ve elektronik müzik prodüksiyonu ile ilgili videolar yayınlıyorum. Örneğin kayıt, mix, mastering teknikleri, ses kartı, ses kayıt programları (DAW - Presonus Studio One 5 Professional, Ableton Live 11, Logic Pro, UAD Luna vb), mixer (mikser), kulaklık, referans monitörü, mikrofon çeşitleri, gitar ve gitar ekipmanları, hardware synthesizer, software synth pluginler, akustik müzik vb. konular hakkında detaylı bilgiler bulabilirsiniz. Keyifli ve bol müzikli günler dilerim. *TAKİP EDİN* Instagram ➡️ 🤍 Web ➡️ 🤍 Facebook ➡️ 🤍 #touché #liveperformance #evstüdyosu

Touché x Prophet Rev2 (1/3)


🤍 This video showcases mapping presets from our free Touché Hardware Preset Pack which contains 24 presets for Rev2 by Dave Smith Instruments / Sequential. Based on the factory presets from Rev2, they cleverly map Touché's axes to relevant parameters. The presets need to be loaded inside Touché's companion app Lié. When recalling them, a Program Change is sent to your Rev2 in order to dial up the corresponding factory sound. Watch our tutorial to learn how to connect the cables and prepare your synth for remote control by Touché: 🤍 The download link is available in your Expressive E user account as soon as a Touché is registered. 🤍 Hardware Mapping Presets are only supported by our classic Touché flagship controller, not by Touché SE. Discover all presets compatible with Touché and Touché SE here: 🤍 Play and produced by Arthur Bouflet AKA Tonnerre Music

Designing Expressive Electronic Instruments


What should we keep in mind while designing an expressive electronic instrument? Let’s discuss musical expression, expressive instruments, virtuosity, and evaluation! - References: 🤍 - Please consider supporting this channel on Patreon for more videos like this! Questions, mini-tutorials, Discord, and one-on-one video calls! 🤍 - 0:00 - What Is Musical Expression? 3:06 - What Makes an Instrument Expressive? 7:01 - Virtuosity 11:02 - Evaluation & Community

Noisy! Extremely expressive new synth by Expressive E!


Here to get the synth: 🤍 Here for the great videos! 🤍 Here for the Cousin Eddie Turtleneck Dickie! 🤍 0:00 Intro 3:23 First Idea 3:58 Second Idea 6:00 Third Idea Cubase

Expressive E "Noisy" Patch Exploration w the Touché Controller!


Exploring some of the wonderfully unique patches in the "Noisy" soft synth by Expressive E - manipulated using the very expressive Touché controller. To catch these streams live, be sure to check out my Twitch channel at: 🤍 Recaps will be uploaded here to YouTube!

NOISY by Expressive E - Mike Pensini Preset Play-through Demo!


NOISY by Expressive E is here! To quote Expressive E - "A hybrid between physical modelling and subtractive synthesis, Noisy uses the principles of acoustic resonance to bring life to both electronic and acoustic sounds. Noisy was designed to generate highly playable, multidimensional sounds, whose textures and articulations can be easily combined and manipulated." Sit back and enjoy as I play through a selection of NOISY's very expressive and diverse patches! As always, feel free to leave a comment below and hit the Subscribe button/turn on notifications to get my latest videos as they're released! More info on Noisy can be found at the Expressive E website here: 🤍 - All sounds in this video are coming from NOISY - All compositions and improvisations in this video are original

Imagina crear cualquier instrumento - VST IMAGINE Expressive E y AAS.


Imagina crear cualquier instrumento #VST #IMAGINE #Expressive Síntesis de Modelado Físico

Expressive E Touche & Moog - an awesome combo


If you’d like a Touché, check out this link for dealers and prices: 🤍 I was super chuffed when Expressive E wanted to sponsor me to make a video about the Touche which I already absolutely loved! They wanted me to make a video using it with modular gear and I thought what would be better than using it with the inspiring Moog Semi-Modular trio - Mother 32, Subharmonicon and the peerless DFAM.

01 | What are Touché and Touché SE? | Touché Tutorials


Learn about the idea behind Expressive E's innovative controllers Touché and Touché SE and what they can add to your music making experience. Check out the differences and similarities between the two models here: 🤍 All our Touché in-depth Tutorials are available in this playlist: 🤍 For more information, please visit our website: 🤍 For our online manual and answers to common questions, please visit our online knowledge base: 🤍

Osmose d'Expressive E - découverte de la plus grosse claque de 2021 ?


Lors de notre journée au Superbooth (le salon berlinois dédié aux synthés), nous avons pris la plus belle claque de l'année (pour ne pas dire plus) en découvrant le nouveau synthé d'Expressive E - Osmose. ABONNEZ-VOUS ► 🤍 🔔 Pour ne pas louper les prochaines vidéos, activez les notifications Une vidéo d’AUDIOFANZINE : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Twitch : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 0:00 découverte 13:05 debrief #Expressivee #Osmose #Audiofanzine

Expressive E - Touché - Arché Cello & Spire VST


instagram: 🤍traumgleiter

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