Bullzeye - classic sunset house set in The Lab Goa



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The Lab Goa is Mixmag and Breezer’s weekly live event where we showcase the finest DJs at our new home of Felix Beach, Morjim, overlooking the crystal waters where fans are invited to take a dip and watch magnificent sunsets. Bullzeye aka Siddhanth Kapoor is both a successful actor and prolific DJ and producer – with over 20 years behind the decks. Comfortable playing a number of styles but know more for his melodic techno and progressive sounds – here he plays a very special set of house classics in The Lab Goa Film Crew: Native - 🤍instagram.com/native_27 Subscribe to MixmagTV for more livestreams from around the world and follow Mixmag on Facebook: 🤍🤍facebook.com/MixmagMagazine

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Bullzeye - classic sunset house set in The Lab Goa
Bullzeye - classic sunset house set in The Lab Goa
Bullzeye - classic sunset house set in The Lab Goa
Bullzeye - classic sunset house set in The Lab Goa
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2023-07-20 00:13:48

Boom full power

2023-02-02 11:23:16

nie rapuj babo bo to ci nie wychodzi elo

2022-11-14 03:59:28

Muy muy bueno saludos desde argentina

2022-10-17 22:07:45

I love this set sooooo fucking much pure genius

2022-09-20 12:11:49

Прекрасный микс, ностальгия!!! Благодарю!!! 🎧🎶🔥👏🏻👍🏻

2022-09-06 13:40:44

I like Morjim , it's a shame it's here, Morjim is or was very peaceful, different from the other beaches, that's what made it nice, don't make it like the other beaches, leave turtle beach alone

2022-06-28 16:25:26

Is he out of jail now ?

2022-06-16 04:36:28

Great tunes!!! Absolute classic tunes! But zero on DJing skill, no blending, beat matching, key mixing… a lot of these tunes could’ve been better placed in his mix to make it a banger set!

2022-06-04 10:55:34

Thank you very much for your help)))

2022-06-04 02:26:15

At least it's raw and not these fake djs nowadays

2022-06-02 10:56:37

Nice set man. I'll attend a gig of yours when in Mumbai.

2022-05-27 15:09:10

lWEu_9xCY2c&t=03m10s 03:10 track id please

2022-05-27 14:53:15

Nice! ❤️❤️❤️

2022-05-23 20:31:27

Classic radio house music 90´- 00´ : OK, Dj skill 30%. bleee

2022-05-23 15:48:26

Nice set 👌

2022-05-22 08:54:51

Track id lWEu_9xCY2c&t=53m00s 53:00 ? 🥰

2022-05-22 00:45:32

What a set!!

2022-05-21 05:17:23

Good selection but bad mixing 😝 Buy extended mix tracks

2022-05-20 16:13:26

Sympa les sons, mais on ne peut pas appeler ça un dj, ou alors j'en suis un aussi et je ne le sais pas ^^

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