ANFISA LETYAGO techno set in The Lab LDN



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The new queen of techno Anfisa Letyago takes us through an hour of power in The Lab LDN. The Lab is brought to you by Mixmag & Coors and powered by a Pioneer PRO AUDIO system. Watch Anfisa take us around her home town of Napoli here: 🤍 Anfisa Letyago has been reaching an ever-growing audience year after year, establishing herself as one of the most influential Djs / Producers within the electronic music industry. Her name shows in international festivals and venues’ line-ups, such as Ultra, Tomorrowland, Parklife, Rakastella, Sonar, Printworks etc. Discographically, her releases can boast of the collaboration of high calibre labels such as Kompakt, Rekids, Drumcode, Deutsche Grammophon. In 2021 Anfisa gave birth to N:S:DA, her own record label, marking a new step in her artistic career. The same year she released two EPs, “Listen” and “Nisida”, which explore the significant evolution of the electronic music sector. A 3-volume remix pack of these songs was released in 2022, created in collaboration with 10 great electronic music artists, such as Chris Liebing, Calibre, DJ Tennis, DJ Seinfeld and Michael Mayer. Also in 2022, the release of “Go", the official remix of Moby, with the German label Deutsche Grammophon marks further growth in the path of Anfisa Letyago.

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ANFISA LETYAGO techno set in The Lab LDN
ANFISA LETYAGO techno set in The Lab LDN
ANFISA LETYAGO techno set in The Lab LDN
ANFISA LETYAGO techno set in The Lab LDN
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2023-11-26 11:37:23


2023-11-05 18:55:45

Шифруется какашка😂

2023-11-05 18:55:06

Всему свое время мышки

2023-11-05 18:54:14

🏒ха приезжала,почему тебя не видел.Эти две отрабатыают?

2023-11-04 09:49:40

Девсченка,которая понимает толк в музыке

2023-11-04 09:47:03

Анфиса однозначно маэстро😊

2023-11-04 09:45:29

Нью Техно

2023-11-04 09:43:52

Анфиса может

2023-11-04 09:41:14

Я воспринимаю Анфису,как русскую😊

2023-10-28 10:11:29

No one’s dancing

2023-09-23 21:42:58

Ye jitny dog bhao bhao kr rahy hein in sb ko.lab mein lita kr madical kro aur in ka amal nama in k hath mein de do hahaha

2023-09-21 09:44:21


2023-09-21 09:39:25

amazing night

2023-09-15 02:34:19


2023-08-26 16:25:40

I’ve been following Anfisa from day one, love her energy, and she’s cute 😍 but It’s about time Anfisa was put on the spot, to show what she’s really made of, no pre-mixes on USB here sweetheart 😜 and I’m glad to say, in my opinion she’s came through, she’s the real deal 👏👏👏 nice set, love n peace ♥️✌️

2023-08-17 14:59:10

Music and enchantment are called Anfisa 💥🤩🥰🤩💥

2023-08-12 22:23:28

Beautiful headphones is not working properly what should I do and beautiful help me to use it again 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😅😊😊😊😊😊😊

2023-08-12 22:13:49

Beautiful hair style and beautiful dares and beautiful flowers around you and beautiful music 🎶 dg 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤🎉🎉🎉🎉😅😊

2023-08-10 09:13:18

Обожаю теебя

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