30 Years of ASML - From Shed To World Leader



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In 1984, ASML's first office was a shed outside a Philips building. Just 30 years later, all of the world's top chipmakers are our customers. What made us who we are today?

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30 Years of ASML - From Shed To World Leader
30 Years of ASML - From Shed To World Leader
30 Years of ASML - From Shed To World Leader
30 Years of ASML - From Shed To World Leader
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2023-02-18 03:28:48

fuck ccp tho

Gaurav Agarwal
2022-10-27 13:39:58

Hats-off unconditionally with love,pride for ASML overall work family learning & growing,working & rising to as well as for health & well-being, safety & sustainability of humanity around the world.I am ready to serve humanity around the world together with demanding,developing unlimited world-class Work Organization ASML shining.graceful overall Work Family through potential Job/Work Role if enabled now for same successfully. Handful of best wishes, regards unavoidably-as-well for all-of-the same....

Waldemar Jesus Rodriguez Aleman
2022-10-02 11:22:30

Machines COST 100 million Dollars to others that manufacture chips of last generation, for mobile, manufacturing industries and Aerospace industry 800Moillon Dollars. I am a GL Engineering Analyst. Far.

Wong Cilik
2022-09-16 10:31:19

30 Years of ASML - From Shed To World Leader...ohhh yes....but : does it stand alone without the contribution of other countries ??? same thing with tsmc....but: different from in China, all materials and technology from domestic.

Premjit Chowdhury
2022-04-27 07:05:34

I would wish to work for this company.
10 yrs into business intelligence and analytics. Being in India maybe there is no option.😭

manish pardeshi
2022-03-02 12:04:46

Happy to join...

kabache ouiza
2022-02-04 20:17:07

the real tsmc

kabache ouiza
2022-02-04 20:16:53

a marvel everyone wise wants......the mother of tsmc

2021-11-22 23:00:18

ASML had a very good run . No one was challenging it , or had any intention to challenge it . But because of the US ban , China is forced to improvise . If China succeed , I feel like it will be a cheaper machine and thus would be a big competition for ASML .

2021-10-07 01:18:29

Willem Maris ( RIP) de frits philips van asml... hoor Maris nog roepen in steenkolen engels " our cumpany did well" in de koningshof.... bij 1e jubeleum gingen we naar het psv stadion... we naaiden de directie op door te zingen "we gaan naaaar de efteling 😋🤣" en ja hoor dat was niet aan dovemans oren we gingen 2e jubeleum naar de efteling. Maris ging met pensioen en daar kwam doug dunn voor wel de asml ers hadden daar weinig vertrouwen in ( zijn naam stront had ie mee ) want hij had al een bedrijf de afgrond in geholpen. Ik zelf was bij maris op kantoor ( had zijn zendertje voor de poort gesoldeert ) en zei doug dunn ??? Kunt u niet blijven ? Nee zei Maris tegen mij let maar op doug dunn is een goeie.... Nou het was echt Khudt met stront als CEO.. Kwam aantal jaren later Maris tegen in de gang : Dag willem ! Haa Rob ( ja hij kende je bij naam !!! ) zeg die doug dunn was toch ennu goeie ? Willem keek op euuuhh Rob ik heb het druk zijn gezicht was gewoon komisch om te zien... Veel respect voor Maris. doug dunn veegde als 1e daad de bonissen van tafel voor inleen krachten... weet nog dat ik met de Palm unit bezig was en ja hard gewerkt en hele team was inleeners... stond die stront kever in de koningshof te verkondigen dat de bonus door de schredder ging... kan u vertellen dat het hele team laaiend was. Douggie had niet de ballen om er even tussen te komen staan om dat uit te leggen. Jaren gewerkt op edev. mooie tijd gehad en heb veel te danken aan die jaren. Werk nu als service engineer in de zorg. Groeten aan alle oud collegas van Edev ... ennuuu wanneer doen we weer eens een flappenvreet festijn met flappen ala bakkertje Ras ?

2021-09-30 18:48:52

Is Philips still part of ASML?

Timmie Kat
2021-09-27 14:39:39

Without ASML there would be virtually no modern computers just imagine the power this company holds luckily it seems to be a competent fair company

2021-09-10 12:27:42

If i had some money , this is where i'd put it!

2021-09-10 12:22:09

It.s a shame so few views given the world population. How would you not want to go to work everyday!

Metaldetecting Tube and Tech
2021-09-07 08:42:57

I grew up as a teen , the time asml where expanding rapidly , say mid to late ´80´s.
I ´ve heard of the them at the first time , when i bought my first personal computer , a Phillips MSX 2.
90´s and till now i´ve heard little to none of asml ?..
Very suprising to hear they are now the leader in a branch that leading the world !
Well done , proud to be fitch seeying this ♡
Grtzz from the Netherlands
Johny geerts

2021-09-06 14:56:50

If the Dutch can do it, the Dutch Reformed church believe that China will not be able to do it because the Chinese are not white people.

Siriyak Cr
2021-08-26 09:46:43


Priyanka D Dreamer❤️
2021-08-23 20:22:57

I wish I could work in this company..
QMS professional with 12 years experience...

Burton Lee
2021-08-16 09:11:39

The Dutch are very competent scientists and business leaders. Go NL & ASML!!

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